All you need to know about the Ford Maverick

The Ford Maverick is small, charming and practical. And it's one of the undisputed stars of the year in our country, selling at a rapid pace because it's so well suited to everyone's needs. After all, Ford said it: the Maverick is the truck for those who didn't know they needed a truck.

2022 08 02

The Ford Maverick is a lot of little things to discover. So let's take a look at what you need to know about this little truck.

Small but powerful

The Ford Maverick is nothing like its massive F-150 or Ranger brothers. Built on the same platform as the Ford Bronco Sport, the Maverick is not an SUV. Instead, it retains its pickup truck characteristics, including a cargo box and some towing capacity.

Towing capacity can reach 4,000 pounds in the best-equipped versions, while the cargo box, at 4 feet long, allows you to carry the essentials without difficulty, especially since Ford engineers created a system called FlexBed that allows you to use accessories, or simple wooden boards, to transform the box into a real multipurpose trunk. In fact, many options sold at dealerships allow the box to be converted to carry tools, bikes or other equipment.

Two engines

The real find, beyond the size, is the engines. The top-of-the-line versions, which offer all-wheel drive as an option, are equipped with a 250-horsepower, 2.0-litre turbocharged Ecoboost 4-cylinder engine. The engine is familiar, responsive, and, when paired with 8-speed automatic transmission, delivers surprising acceleration and acceleration.

But the base version offers another great quality: a hybrid engine, and not to mention a surprisingly low base price. Its 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine is backed up by an electric motor for a total output of 191 horsepower.

The fine design details inside are also noteworthy, setting it apart from other vehicles of its kind. A cockpit designed for the Maverick that gives it an exceptional personality. Not to mention the overall look, which is quite appealing, and the infotainment package that is totally up to the task.

Versatile, small, but practical, the Ford Maverick is certainly the most interesting pickup truck model, both for the city and the country. It's up to you to order yours!

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