Your Ford speaks to you, listen to it

Your Ford vehicle has its own language. Like every other vehicle on the road, it finds a way to talk to you, ma.

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But you still need to pay attention. We're not talking about the noises it might make but rather the coded language of the lights in your dashboard.

Many Canadians, in fact, over 96%, according to one survey, say they take good care of their cars. We believe them. But the same survey shows that more than 62% when they see a light appear on the dashboard, wait more than 30 days before reacting

So we thought we'd offer you a little glossary of the meaning of dashboard lights. You will then be able to decide if the cause is urgent or not.

Oil pressure light: This usually means that there is a problem with your engine's lubrication system. Either you're running out of oil, or the pump is no longer adequate. This is an urgent message. Stop the vehicle in a safe place, let it cool down a bit and check the oil level. In either case, a visit to the shop is in order.

Tire pressure light: A tire pressure light tells you that one or more of your tires are soft. Don't panic, take a quick look to see if you have a flat. If not, take the time to go to the nearest gas station and fill the tires to equal pressure. If the symbol reappears in a short time, have your tires checked.

Check Engine Light: The little engine symbol can light up for dozens of reasons, including the simple fact that you put the gas cap on wrong. It's safe to drive to your Ford shop within a reasonable distance. If the symbol is flashing, stop immediately and call for service.

Temperature light: Especially in the summer, this can happen more often. This means your engine is hot and probably has a cooling problem. First, try turning off the air conditioning and turning on the heater to redistribute the heat in the cabin. If this doesn't work after a few minutes, pull over as soon as it's safe to do so and turn off the vehicle. Let the engine cool for at least 15 minutes, and do not open the hood! If the heat is still on, call roadside assistance and head to us!

Obviously, the number of lights is much more important than that. If your car has a regular maintenance schedule, these problems should not occur very often. Be sure to follow Ford's recommendations for your maintenance, and consult our specialists. They can help you keep your car in shape for a very long time!

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